An immersion in the heart of modern art at the Picasso Museum

An immersion in the heart of modern art at the Picasso Museum

The Musée Picasso is one of the essential museums to visit during your stay in Paris. Located in Montmartre and easily accessible from the Hôtel des Arts, it exhibits the works of Pablo Picasso and artists who were linked to him.


A rich collection of work by a genius

Dedicated to the work of the co-founder of the Cubism movement, since 1985 the Musée Picasso has been housed in the Hotel Salé, a mansion in the Marais. The museum’s collection includes nearly 5,000 works painted, carved, engraved or drawn by Picasso, in addition to a wealth of archival material. A multi-faceted genius, Picasso is linked in the public mind to the Cubism movement he initiated with Georges Braque, but his career was much wider and deeper than this association implies. Thus, the works are presented in a chronological and thematic way, retracing the creative processes of the Spanish master and his various artistic periods. This superb collection, donated by the wife and heirs of Picasso, impresses with its scale and diversity.


The Calder-Picasso exhibition runs until August 25th, 2019

Get ready to discover 150 works at the Musée Picasso exploring the parallels between the American sculptor Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso, two great and innovative figures of 20th century art. They both studied the artistic expression of negative space and played with the movement of mass in a ballet of forms and visual experiences as fluid as they are striking. Through these pioneering works in kinetic art, discover the genius of Calder, a sculptor known for his mobiles and stabiles, and that of Picasso, who sometimes referred to himself as a cursed artist. A fascinating dialogue between two greats of modern art.


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