Climbing the hill of Montmartre

Climbing the hill of Montmartre

The steps that ascend the hill of Montmartre can be something of a challenge provided that you’re fairly fit! Don’t worry if you’re a little out of shape, however, because you can still reach the heights of the Place Saint-Pierre and the forecourt of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica by taking the funicular, a cable-operated railway that is as practical as it’s picturesque.


So… funicular?

A minute and a half of gentle ascent and you’re there! Before us, the Sacred Heart, at our feet, Paris! Lazy? No, not really. The funicular is a fun way of getting to the top of Montmartre. It’s actually a kind of big lift mounted on rails. The slope is steep and when the cabin groans and begins to slide down the hill, you can’t help but experience a delicious lurch in your stomach before rushing to the window to enjoy the view. Kids love it... And adults, too!


Or steps?

Of course, the steps are a more romantic means of access. Those who haven’t attempted the climb, hand in hand, haven’t fully embraced the Montmartre spirit. An ascent on foot also offers opportunities en route to explore the small streets of the venerable village.


Or both?

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of this little ‘extra’ Paris. Those brave enough to undertake the ascent of the white steps leading to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica will certainly appreciate the descent by funicular, while others may prefer the opposite. Whatever your means of getting there, you’ll certainly thrill to your first stroll in the lively Place Saint-Pierre. Here you’ll discover the always interesting Halle Saint-Pierre, the museum of naive art that is currently hosting an exhibition featuring the frequently disturbing work of the photographer Roger Ballen. Numerous cafes await the thirsty climber, so you can recharge your batteries with a coffee or a glass of something stronger!



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