The creation of the hotel

The hotel has existed since 1901, which means that 5 rue Tholozé has been receiving customers from around the world for more than 120 years. Our family took over the hotel in 1960.

At this time, when tourism and travel were reserved for only a minority of people in France and throughout the world. The hotel was host to many painters and artists who lived off of the sales of their paintings or sculptures.

They could often be seen in the hotel's courtyard finishing their works.

Hotel des Arts Montmartre - Drawing

The Moulin Rouge

We also had many dancers from the Moulin Rouge. My grandparents, Marcel and Jeanne LAMEYRE were friends with "Doris," the head of the Moulin Rouge revue and the dancers who felt at home at the Hôtel des Arts.

Painters from Japan and Asia stopped at the hotel to paint Montmartre and its streets. This was a Montmartre where there were very few tourists, a place where artists, workers and shopkeepers mixed together to create a working-class neighborhood where you could live the good life on the terrace of a café far from the hubbub of downtown Paris, which at that time seemed very far away. The hotel didn't offer much luxury: one toilet for 10 rooms and a few washbasins in the best rooms and with a kitchenette for some.

Hotel des Arts Montmartre - Drawing

The 70s-80s

During these years, the way of life changes: people begin to travel, the dancers of the hotel take apartments and the painters gradually disappear.

My grandfather and my father will have to adapt and my parents Sylvain and Anne Marie LAMEYRE will modernize the establishment: after 6 months of work the hotel 2 stars reopens its doors with 50 rooms with modern comfort (bathroom, television , phone).

The 90-2000s

In the 1990s, Montmartre area changed and became "fashionable." Artists returned, and actors, art galleries, clothing stores, restaurants and movie theaters changed the appearance of our village.

In the 2000s, a new era began: "Travel 2.0." The Internet changed our world and the world of travel. Now, no one chooses a hotel without having read reviews on large websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking and

In 2006, we were proud to get our three stars. I have been running the hotel since that time along with my wife, Flavie. We are the third generation.

In 2019, in order to meet our guests' expectations, we set the air-conditioning up in each room and create a hammam and a fitness area. We will earn our 4th star. 

Hotel des Arts Montmartre - Drawing

Special Thanks

Over the course of the last ten years my team, Amel, Alessandra, Victor, Christophe, Anna, Sandrine, Emilie, and everyone who has worked with us, have never stopped satisfying more and more international customers, with the single goal of making each one of them feel at home with us.

I would like to thank all of the customers who have chosen us over the past 60 years. If the building could talk it would certainly have many stories to tell us. I hope that each of you will experience this history within our walls through the different paintings and objects that we have displayed there.

Best wishes,
Flavie and Philippe LAMEYRE