Declare your feelings at the Wall of Love on Valentine's Day

Declare your feelings at the Wall of Love on Valentine's Day

Paris, the capital of romance, is home to some wonderful places where you and your special one can wander on Valentine's Day. The Wall of Love is one not to be missed and is only few minutes from the hotel. This work born from the imagination of Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito offers an enchanting trysting place for lovers from all over the world on February 14th.


A mural that says I Love You in all languages

A vibrant testimony of silent passions and a work of art, the Wall of Love is an essential meeting place for lovers in Paris. Situated in the Jehan Rictus garden square of the Place des Abbesses on the hill of Montmartre, it features ‘I love you’ written by hand on a 40m2 wall some 311 times, translated into most of the languages ​​and dialects of the planet. This wall is comprised of more than 600 tiles of enamelled lava bearing those words that mean so much in all the common languages ​​but also in dialects rare, distant or forgotten. The splashes of red scattered across the wall symbolise the pieces of a broken heart and a humanity too often torn asunder. They fit together to form a whole heart. You’ll certainly have no trouble translating Je t'aime or Ich liebe dich but do you know where in the world lovers say Aroha ahau ki a koe, M'bi fe, Negligevapse or Ayor anosh'ni?


Oh time, suspend your flight...

This wall in a district that is synonymous with romantic Paris invites you spend blissful moments in a garden planted with maple and sycamore where you will discover a botanical collection of ancient roses. Stroll hand-in-hand along the shaded paths where time seems suspended. Thoughtfully arranged benches preserve the privacy of lovers who feel like being alone in the world... before returning to the comfort of their room at the Hotel des Arts!



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