Discover the history of the Hôtel des Arts Montmartre

Discover the history of the Hôtel des Arts Montmartre

How about staying in a legendary hotel that boasts a rich and eventful history, yet is most definitely anchored in its district, Montmartre? The name of the Hotel des Arts Montmartre was chosen very deliberately because the spirit of an arty past suffuses the building, creating an atmosphere that remains creative and decadent even today.


The Hôtel des Arts Montmartre celebrates 120 years

Established in 1901, the Hotel des Arts Montmartre is a real institution in the district. When it opened, and for more than 70 years, popular tourism as we know it did not exist, and the Hotel des Arts played host to numerous artists and writers, promoting the bohemian spirit. It was not uncommon, then, to see painters finish their works in the courtyard of the hotel, enjoying a soft ray of sunshine. The dancers of the Moulin Rouge, located a few steps from the hotel, also lived there, adding to the resolutely festive and joyous atmosphere.


The spirit of Montmartre concentrated in the Hotel des Arts

Until the end of the 20th century, Montmartre was a popular district where the inhabitants chatted and bantered, and artists and labourers rubbed shoulders. Suddenly, in the early 2000s, the neighbourhood became very trendy and began to welcome pop stars attracted by the distinctive vibe and wealth of charm. The Hotel des Arts adapted so well that it quickly received three stars and became the accommodation of choice for an urban and chic clientele that appreciates the friendly atmosphere of this family establishment. Today, the Hôtel des Arts tells its beautiful story through period furniture, art objects, paintings that enhance its warm and welcoming decor and our team, who are always delighted to share 1001 anecdotes with you.



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