Gourmet pastries in Paris

Gourmet pastries in Paris

World renowned for its gastronomy, Paris is the birthplace of the best pastries in the world. Gourmets, gourmands and the simply peckish should not miss the opportunity to savour wonderful gâteaux and other sweet delicacies while staying in the capital. The Hotel des Arts Montmartre recommends some of the city’s best pâtisseries.


Pierre Hermé: the art of the macaron

This is a must! If you like macarons and their gorgeous almond taste, you must visit the pâtisserie of Pierre Hermé. The king of the macaron, he offers his masterful creations in a host of new flavours, bringing you desserts as beautiful to look at as they are to eat.


Cédric Grolet: a pastry chef with mesmerizing fruits!

Pastry chef at The Maurice Palace, where he improved the art of fruit, Cédric Grolet was voted as Best Pastry Chef of the World in 2017 and opened his first pastry shop at Opéra on November 22nd 2019. 
Open from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm from Monday to Saturday, the Cédric Grolet bakery already seems to be validated by the fans, who had queued for hours on its opening day. In this beautiful, uncluttered shop, you will find bread, sweets, chocolate, but also pastries (available everyday from noon) and meals to eat on the spot or to take away. 

The tea room area awaits you upstairs. There are 30 places around a central counter. On the breakfast menu: croissants at 4 euros each, the hazelnut flower at 8 euros, the waffle bar at 9 euros, the wellness bowl at 11 euros, to be ordered with appropriate drinks like hot chocolate at 8 euros, the hazelnut milk at 7 euros, or fruit juice at 8 euros. 


L'Éclair de Génie: the obsession we love

Like the macarons mentioned above, the good old éclair is here revisited, revivified and brought up to date with decadently tempting and popular flavours. Adorable on the plate, succulent on the palate, these contemporary éclairs are essential!


Arnaud Larher: the flavours of childhood

Innovation in pâtisserie is certainly good and worthwhile ... But nostalgia is a powerful emotion and you never forget the traditional pâtisseries that rocked your childhood, do you? Arnaud Larher pays tribute to good gâteaux and perfect pâtisseries in the purest of traditions. Rum babas, Paris-Brest, fruit pies and other classics await you there. Relish fine pâtisseries that invoke the spirit of childhood. A very moving treat!

After this sweet trip to the best bakeries of the capital, you can take your delicious treats back for a session of succulent self-indulgence in the comfort of your room at the Hotel des Arts!



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