Hasard Ludique; off the wall and off the rails

Hasard Ludique; off the wall and off the rails

Tucked away in the Porte de Saint-Ouen is an extraordinarily original location, an unusual place that is a heady mix of restaurant, bar, club and performance venue. It’s a converted railway station called Hasard Ludique that has become a hugely popular hub of social life in the 18th arrondissement. People come to listen to music, tuck into a meal, enjoy a drink, attend shows, participate in workshops and relax in the sun on the terrace by the railway line. The Hotel des Arts advises you not to miss the next departure!


A dream made reality

The transformation of an old abandoned railway station into a fashionable and festive social hub was the crazy project embarked upon by three enthusiastic Parisians, helped and supported by a whole collective association. A crowd-funded project designed to benefit the neighbourhood and its inhabitants.


A place rich with life

Opened in the spring of 2017, Hasard Ludique is a culturally attuned hybrid space that has retained and refurbished the beautiful facade of the railway station it once was.

It invites you to relax in its indoor restaurant-bar, on its huge terrace that was once the station platform, or in its concert hall designed to accommodate 300 people.

Visit Hasard Ludique to enjoy the vibrant and vital ambiance in which everything is a pretext for discovery, the joy of living, good humour and divine craziness!


This multipurpose space includes an eatery

If you’re feeling hungry, why not pop into the Hasard Ludique for lunch or a gourmet evening meal? Enjoy delicious items cooked on the wood-fired grill, maybe some falafel or mezze, washed down with a cool craft beer. The lunch menu is renewed every week, so if you come often there’s always something new to try. And, of course, there’s a Sunday brunch!



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