Shopping in Paris; our favourite stores

Shopping in Paris; our favourite stores

There is an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to shopping in Paris. Our recommended shopping spree locations are the department stores of the Boulevard Haussmann, the luxury boutiques of the Avenue Montaigne, the Champs Elysées and the charming little shops found in the Marais. And for souvenirs, check out the Rue de Steinkerque, near the hotel.


The Haussmann / Saint-Lazare / Opera district; the commercial heart of Paris

The department stores of the Boulevard Haussman are the nerve centre of Parisian shopping. Most people have heard of Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and BHV, which is famous for its dedicated homeware and furnishings departments. All feature the latest fashion trends and play the luxury card.

Not far away, the Rue Scribe is also a must-visit for fashion lovers. On the Rue de Rivoli near the Louvre you’ll find shops bearing some of the most fashionable brand names in the world, while Les Halles is a huge underground shopping centre offering both large chains and trendy small boutiques.


The Golden Triangle; the most prestigious names

Situated between the Champs-Elysées, the Grands Boulevards and the Opera, lies an area noted for high-end luxury goods. The Triangle d'Or (Golden Triangle) offers all that Paris does best by way of haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear. An array of prestigious boutiques such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Saint-Laurent vie for supremacy in chic and elegance. The most beautiful avenue in the world is also courted by prestigious brands.


A small tour of the Marais...

The Haut Marais, on the Right Bank, is an increasingly trendy neighbourhood centred around the Rue Vieille de Temple. It teems with the boutiques of young fashion designers as well as increasingly popular brands such as Isabel Marant, Zadig & Voltaire, Comptoir des Cotonniers and La Fée Maraboutée.



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