The Espace Dali in Montmartre

The Espace Dali in Montmartre

The Espace Dali, a museum dedicated to the Master of Surrealism, awaits your discovery in Paris. Located close to the Hotel des Arts, it pays tribute to the work of the Spanish artist and emphasises the lesser-known aspects of his creativity. We invite you to check it out during your next visit to Paris.


Extensively renovated and better than ever

Salvador Dali surely could not have hoped for a more beautiful location than Montmartre to showcase his work. For 25 years, this famous and picturesque artist village has been home to the world’s largest private collection of the works of the great Catalan painter and sculptor. The museum, recently closed for renovations, reopened on April 13th and is more dynamic and visitor-friendly than ever. This revitalisation includes a new scenography that shines an essential spotlight on the techniques and creativity of Dali while also revealing lesser-known aspects of his work.


The lesser-known side of the Master of Surrealism

The Espace Dali owes its new look to the talents of the architecture company, Adeline Rispal. The furniture, the surrealist and poetic objects, the bronze sculptures, the gouaches and engravings of the great Spanish master are cleverly emphasised. Theatrical sculptures rub shoulders with dreamlike, erotic drawings with sometimes irresistible humour, offering a journey into a phantasmagorical world. Here are the themes dear to Dali; the sciences, the subconscious, immortality and love. When you enter this completely redesigned museum, you will discover a Dali you were perhaps unaware of and find his remarkable visions such as his classic soft timepieces immortalised in bronze, as well as his Venus Spatiale, decorated with his favourite imagery. The artist also reveals his talents as a designer through a surrealist approach to such creations as the Mae West Lips Sofa.


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